CDS Checklist

CDS Checklist

Dogs with cognitive dysfunction (CDS) display signs in 5 categories: Disorientation, Interactions, Sleep/wake cycle, Housetraining and Activity/Anxiety/Aggression. signs below and check the ones that your dog displays.


  • Stares into space at ceiling or wall
  • Barks at the ceiling
  • Gets stuck in corners
  • Wanders aimlessly
  • Looks confused
  • Doesn’t recognize family or respond to commands

Interactions Apathic

  • Indifferent
  • Doesn’t participate in activities which she used to enjoy

leep/wake cycle

  • Keeps the owner up all night and sleeps all day Howls or barks at night
  • Sleeps more overall in a 24 hour period


  • Walks outside and seems confused, then urinates or defecates inside
  • No longer signals to go outside.


  • Plays less
  • Increased anxiety or aggression

If you circled at least one sign listed above, bring this form to your veterinarian to discuss the treatments for cognitive dysfunction in dogs. There are lots of medical diseases which can masquerade as cognitive dysfunction so it is very important that your dog have a complete physical examination. There are treatments for CDS including supplements, medications,diet changes and behavior modification.