We Have 5 Behavior Doctors to Help Your Patients!

One of our doctors can see your patients more quickly than ever before. Click here to learn more about our team. 

Are You Referring to the Best Dog Trainer for Your Patients?

Great dog trainers are essential members of your extended team, helping your clients to deal with problem behaviors and prevent behaviors from developing. Dog trainers are not licensed or regulated so it can be challenging to discern the great ones from those that are not so great. Look for the characteristics above. Click here for the full story and a handout that you can give to your clients.

Why Shock Should Not Be Used for Animal Training

Did you know that training with shock has been shown in peer-reviewed research to be more stressful for the dog AND less effective when compared to positive reinforcement methods? Why would you choose a training method for your patients which causes stress and doesn’t work as well as other methods? Click here to read more and get a downloadable handout.

Are Your Patients Stressed at Your Practice?

If your patient is having a hard time at your office, refer them to us for a cooperative care appointment. These appointments take less time and are at a lower cost than an assessment with one of our behavior doctors. They include follow up with our technicians and doctors so that your patient will have a medical plan and a behavior plan completed making visits to your office much less stressful for everyone. Contact us for more information.