Covid 19 Update: Appointment Options

What are we doing during this time to continue to serve you?

In light of recent concerns regarding the Covid-19 virus, Florida Veterinary Behavior Service wants you to know that we are taking all precautions to ensure your wellbeing and the well-being of your pets when you come to one of our locations. We are sanitizing all our surfaces, as well as following proper hygiene protocol, and keeping social distancing.

Telehealth appointments

If you are at all concerned about coming to our office, please know that any recheck appointments with the doctors or treatment appointments with our Behavior Technician can be done via telehealth (video conferencing) instead of in-person at the office.

Patients must have been seen in the past year by the doctor and the telehealth appointment cannot be an annual appointment by Florida law.

Please just let us know if you prefer a telehealth recheck or treatment appointment by calling (561-795-9398) or emailing ( in advance.

At this time, we are not able to offer telehealth for initial assessments with the doctors or annual rechecks as it violates Florida law.

What if my pet doesn’t qualify for telehealth?

For those of you that do come to one of our hospitals, I would like for you to know the following:

  1. Call or text us when you get to the hospital. Let us know what color and type of vehicle you have.
  2. A team member will come to your car. They will take your temperature. If you have a temperature above 99 degrees F, we cannot let you in the building. 
  3. One family member is allowed in the building at a time. You must wear a mask to enter the building. 

What about medications?

We strongly encourage our pet parents to have their medications for their pet shipped to their homes. Free shipping is available through our online pharmacy and shipping from our locations has been reduced to $5.00.

If you are picking up your pet’s medications for some reason, we will bring this out to your car. Call us to prepay and then call us when you are in the parking lot.

We are committed to your pets and will stay open as long as we can. Thank you for understanding these restrictions.

Be safe and stay healthy.