Penny and Vinnie

Penny  and Vinnie

“I truly believe that Dr. Radosta saved my dog’s life.  At the time that I consulted her, Vinnie was a two-year-old puppy (a Doberman) who was sweet, funny, lovable, and beautiful.  However, he had bitten me on three separate occasions.  He’s the fifth Doberman I’ve owned and this had never happened before.  Most curious was the fact that he was in no way an aggressive dog and each time he bit me, it almost seemed to happen without his knowing it,  and he would run off to another room and sit in a corner shaking. When it happened for the third time. I was devastated, felt betrayed, and feared I’d have to give him away (but to whom after he had bitten me) or worse —  would have to put him down — unthinkable.  

My vet told me about Dr. R. and the kind of work she did.  I myself am a psychoanalyst and the thought of going to her was both fascinating and gave me hope. I was impressed by the detailed and very long questionnaire I had to fill out before seeing her and further impressed by how apparent it was that she had read and integrated all that I had written into her thinking — even before seeing the dog.  Vinnie, Dr. R. an assistant, and I spend two and a half hours together, during which time she observed Vinnie and thought out loud about what she was observing.  She modified her thinking several times as she gathered more data and finally indicated that he was essentially a dog who became hyper-reactive when overstimulated and not given enough personal space.  While my interaction with him had been fine with my previous four dogs, it was wrong for Vinnie.   She gave me a long list of recommendations, two books, and a video.  In the past year, I’ve carried out all of the recommendations (which were challenging to me) but have been rewarded with a calm dog whom everyone loves.  While Dr. R. told me that he would never become cuddly (that was OK with me as long as I could keep him) he surprisingly has become like velcro with most people.  At least once a day, I look at him, alive and in my house and I silently thank Dr. Radosta for making it possible for me to keep the best dog I’ve ever had.”