Recheck Checklist

Recheck Checklist

Pet Parent Recheck Checklist

In order for the doctor to assess and treat your pet properly without delay during your pet’s appointment, the items below should be completed. Please contact us by phone: 561-795-9398 or email: [email protected] with any questions. 

Medical Records

  • Contact all veterinarians who have treated your pet since your pet’s last appointment with one of our doctors and request that your pet’s medical records be sent to our office so that they are received by our office 3 days prior to your pet’s appointment date.
  • Please request your pet’s medical records earlier rather than later so that the doctor has time to review them
  • Fax: 561-795-8537; Email: [email protected]; Drag and Drop DropBox Link

Fecal Sample

  • Bring a fecal sample to your pet’s appointment. Only a teaspoon of fecal matter is needed.

Recheck Questionnaire

  • Fill out the recheck questionnaire form found HERE 3 days prior to your pet’s appointment.