Dog Training Resources

Dog Training Resources

Walking a Fearful or Reactive Dog 101
​Looking for tips for walking a fearful or reactive dog? Read this article.

How did my dog learn to do that? 
​Ever wondered how your dog learns? Read this article.

Is your dog a thief?
​Looking for quick tips for the stealing dog?  Read this article.

Does your dog know how to sit and stay? 
​Ever wonder why your dog is perfect at home, but not when you take her out? It is probably because you haven’t helped her to generalize the behavior. Learn how in this article.

​Want some quick fixes to keep your dog from jumping on you?  Read this article

House Training
​Want to know how to housetrain your dog? Read this article.

Top 5 complaints about treat training
​Tried treat training and gave up? Find out the fixes for the most common problems with this kind of training.

Finding help for a pet with a behavior problem
The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior guide to behavior professionals.

Making Dogs Think
​This fun article gives you lots of ideas about how to keep your dog busy.

How to find a good dog trainer
​This article has 8 questions that you should ask every dog trainer before you hire her. 

Why you shouldn’t use a retractable leash, Steve Dale
Do you use a retractable leash? Think again because you could be de-training your dog! Click here to read the article.

Resources For Positive Reinforcement Training

Positive reinforcement trainers in Central Florida
Humane Dog Training Advocates

Lincoln Land Animal Clinic Video Library
Watch videos on training your dog, low stress veterinary visits and much more! Click here to view

Don’t Let Other People Ruin Your Dog’s Training
Are other people sabotaging your dog’s training? Read this article for practical strategies to avoid this problem.

Shock Collars
Learn the truth about shock (e-collar) training. It isn’t just “stimulation!”

ESVCE statement
Leave your opinion behind and read the science behind the use and the misuse of shock collars. This referenced document will help you understand why the scientific community and the community supporting dog welfare do not support shock collars. Click here to view.

Shock collar use in dogs
Want to get the skinny on why you shouldn’t use a shock collar on your dog? This handout is short and sweet and to the point!

The truth about shock collars from the BC SPCA
The science behind why shock collar training is so detrimental to your dog. Click here to read.

Understanding Dog Behavior with Dr. Lisa Radosta

The 3 Causes of Behavior Problems in Pets