Because you know your pet better than anyone, we work closely with you and your primary care veterinarian to develop a treatment plan that honors your pet’s uniqueness and your individual goals for your furry family.



Our behavior doctors take a holistic approach, evaluating every behavior condition by looking at physical, environmental, and emotional factors. We will determine if any other medical conditions are contributing to your pet’s behavior and recommend additional diagnostics when needed to help your pet heal.  We have cutting-edge diagnostic tests to help us determine stress levels, guiding our treatment choices.

An initial assessment with one of our behavior doctors is 1- 1 ½ hours long and includes:

  1. Review of your pet’s medical history, the behavior questionnaire form, and any videos and pictures that you send in.
  2. A behavioral assessment of your pet.
  3. Physical examination if the pet can be examined safely and with low-stress techniques.
  4. An explanation of the diagnoses, treatment options, recommended lab tests and medications, cost of treatment, and the likelihood of improvement over time with each treatment option.

Cost: $339.00

Additional costs which could be incurred at the assessment appointment include diagnostic tests and medications or supplements that are recommended. We cannot estimate those costs for you without the doctor assessing your pet.

Once the doctor talks to you about your pet’s treatment options, you can decide which options are best for your pet and your schedule.

The doctor may prescribe medications/supplements, refer your pet to a dog training professional in your local area, or recommend treatment appointments in-office or via telemedicine.

The doctor will recommend how often treatments should be scheduled if at all. Recheck appointments, treatment appointments, medications and or diagnostics such as lab work are in addition to the initial assessment.

A $100 prepayment is required to hold your pet’s new patient appointment. We will refund the prepayment upon cancellation with 2 business days notice.

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Behavioral Therapy Appointments


Our behavior technicians or nurses will meet with you at the hospital, your home or another location to help you implement the behavior treatment plan laid out by one of our doctors. In addition, treatments can be made on an inpatient basis where our behavior technicians or nurses will work with your pet regularly while your pet stays at one of our hospitals for the day. Treatment appointments are exclusively available to our patients.

At these appointments, a comprehensive treatment plan is written down for you. Specific behavior modification skills designed to meet your pet’s needs are practiced and any medical treatments and medication changes are made if warranted.

These appointments are essential for the greatest likelihood of success in your pet’s treatment. They are a great opportunity for advancing your pet to the next steps in the treatment plan and troubleshooting challenges in the treatment plan in person. Before your pet’s treatment appointment, the doctor reviews your pet’s record, writes a treatment plan, and reviews the case with the technician. The treatment report is reviewed by the doctor before it is sent to you. This service is available exclusively to our patients.

This appointment is conducted by a behavior nurse or technician and is for pets who have been referred by their veterinarian for a specific problem such as muzzle training, carrier training before travel, and trouble administering medications.

This appointment is for non-aggressive pets and is conducted by a behavior technician or nurse. If your pet is aggressive, please schedule an appointment with one of our doctors. This appointment includes instructions on how to prepare your pet for the addition of a baby to your household.