Veterinary Articles

Veterinary Articles

FVBS Clinical Behavior Update for Veterinarians

We Have 5 Behavior Doctors to Help Your Patients!

Are You Referring to the Best Dog Trainer for Your Patients?

Why Shock Should Not Be Used for Animal Training

Are Your Patients Stressed at Your Practice?

Alternatives to Taking Your Patients to “The Back”

The key to happier visits and happier pets, by Colleen Koch DVM, DACVB

Handling and Restraint

Low Stress Handling Challenge from Dr. Sophia Yin

Tips for Handling Fearfully Aggressive dogs in the Clinic from Clinician’s Brief

Cat Aggression

Evaluating and Addressing Feline Aggression from Clinician’s Brief

Feline Restraint Aggression Tips

Beyond the Burrito: Feline restraint tips.

Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

Purina Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Patient Screening Tool Enriching the lives of older pets from Clinician’s Brief

Client Handouts

Is my dog playing or fighting? Are you concerned about your dog’s play style?

Noise and Storm Phobia Online Program Flyer This course is taught by Dr. Radosta.

Storm and Noise Phobia

Sileo veterinarian’s website
​Noise Aversion checklist for clients
Follow up survey for clients whose pets have noise aversion

Client Behavior Questionnaires For Use In Primary Care

General questionnaire
This one-page questionnaire is best used as a general screening tool in primary care practices. Because it can be filled out quickly, clients ideally would fill it out each time that they come into the practice for an appointment with their pet. In this way, the behavioral history can be taken in part prior to the appointment and patient behavioral history can be maintained in the file with little effort from the team. 

Separation anxiety questionnaire
This short questionnaire can be used to screen patients for separation anxiety and also to gather a history of patients who present with complaints consistent with separation anxiety. 

General behavior questionnaire
This one short questionnaire is provided by Vetoquinol and can be used to screen patients for behavioral problems at general practice appointments. 

Recheck questionnaire
This questionnaire can be used at every visit after the first patient visit to assess behavioral health. Provided by Vetoquinol. 

Puppy Start Right

Puppy Resources

Looking for a great book to recommend to puppy owners?

Puppy Start Right is the best resource on the market to teach owners how to prepare their pups for life as a family pet. This book can also serve as a curriculum for teaching puppy classes if you are thinking of offering this service to your clients.  

Click here to learn more about the authors

Choosing a Dog Trainer For Your Clients

How to choose a dog trainer for your clients courtesy of AVSAB

Resources For Your Clients

San Francisco SPCA Dog Behavior Library
In English | In Spanish

Aversive Tools

Information on why you should NOT use a prong collar.