Dr. Daphne Ang
Dr. Daphne Ang

DVM, Resident, Clinical Behavioral Medicine

Dr. Daphne Ang comes from sunny Singapore. She obtained her degree in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Sydney in 2008. Prior to that, she was a licensed pharmacist working at a major local hospital.

Even after years of working as a veterinarian, Dr. Ang still loves all aspects of veterinary medicine. Having a soft spot for fearful and aggressive animals prompted her to explore how she could improve their quality of care and provide a positive clinic experience. In 2019, she started her postgraduate studies in Behavioral Medicine (University of Sydney) and completed the ISFM Advanced course on feline behavior. She has traveled to Australia and the United States to complete externships with veterinary behaviorists to keep abreast of evidence-based practices. She has contributed professionally to task forces that have created guidelines on the prudent use of antimicrobials and the rehoming and adoption of stray dogs.

Despite her advanced knowledge of behavior, Dr. Ang was driven to pursue a residency in clinical behavioral medicine after realizing that animals are often euthanized, have suboptimal welfare and quality of life, and cannot receive adequate healthcare due to behavioral disorders and problems. In the pursuit of full accreditation in Veterinary Behavior, she endeavors to contribute toward the building of a compassionate and empathetic society by improving the quality of veterinary care and the welfare of animals. She hopes that veterinary medicine can be practiced in a compassionate and low-stress environment, helping owners build strong and meaningful bonds with their pets. She enjoys sharing her knowledge through talks and engaging with both the public and the veterinary community.

She is a Fear-Free and Low-Stress Handling certified professional, she believes in a holistic approach, creating a positive clinical experience for her patients with a special focus on emotional health. In addition, her stance on the One Health Approach continues to drive her passion to educate the industry about animal emotions and the impacts of the human-animal bond. Her interest in animal behavior has expanded beyond clinical practice to include animal-assisted intervention and humane education.

Outside of work, she is a dedicated mother of 3 and a proud pet parent of a storm-phobic Labradoodle called Charlie. In her free time, she appreciates simple things like a home-cooked meal in the company of friends and a walk in the park.