Recommended Reading For Puppy Owners

Puppy Start Right, Foundation Training for the Companion Dog. By: Kenneth Martin, DVM, DACVB and Debbie Martin BS, RVT, CPDT-KA, KPA CTP

This 194 page, photo-filled book is easy to read and understand. Written by a veterinarian and a certified dog trainer, it is scientifically accurate and up to date. It outlines developmental stages, puppy training, learning theory and basic obedience training for the older dog as well.  It is spiral bound which allows the reader to set it down and leave it open to any desired page while working with their dog or puppy.  It is available through and It is available as an e-book and a traditional paper book. 

Perfect Puppy in 7 Days. By Dr. Sophia Yin 

Dr. Yin has written a readable, entertaining book which is accurate, complete, up to date and effective. This book outlines her week-long babysitting and training gig for her father’s Australian Cattle Dog puppy.  It explains how puppies develop physically and behaviorally. It is also a full training manual for puppies. It is filled with color photographs of every step of the training as well as clear, concise instructions on how to make it happen.  It is available at It is available as an e-book and a traditional paper book.