Older Dogs

Older Dogs

Cognitive Dysfunction in Dogs and Cats

Medications, diets and supplements to slow brain aging and treat CDS in dogs and cats.

Easy and Cheap Ways to Keep Your Dog’s Brain Young

Elderly Dog Enrichment
Everyone knows that they need regular medical checkups and lab work, but what about their mental well-being?

Cognitive Dysfunction in Dogs
Dogs are living longer than ever before due to high-quality veterinary care and nutrition. Unfortunately, unique behavior problems can accompany increasing age.

Adopting an Older Dog
I may know what you’re thinking – “But it will die soon. It will break my heart.” Yes, it will, on both counts. But the love you will experience outweighs the pain tenfold.

CDS Checklist
Dogs with cognitive dysfunction (CDS) display signs in 5 categories: Disorientation, Interactions, Sleep/wake cycle, Housetraining and Activity/Anxiety/Aggression.

Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome Evaluation Tool
Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS) is an irreversible degeneration of the brain similar to Alzheimer’s disease in humans, characterized by progressive cognitive impairment beyond that expected to occur with aging. CDS has a slow onset, can be difficult to manage, and affects an estimated 14% of dogs 8 years and older.